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Commercial Construction Houston Businesses Trust

At Building Tejas, we understand that Houston commercial construction projects need to reflect the uniqueness of your brand. We offer an array of design-build services that are perfect for offices, hospitality businesses, retail stores, and other local businesses. As professional and dependable general contractors in the Houston area, we offer high-end design coupled with expert building services. We are more than happy to work with businesses in a broad spectrum of industries to make their designs come to life.

Innovative Construction Solutions to Commercial Needs

In Houston, TX, the construction industry thrives. At Building Tejas, we love to help our neighbors grow their businesses and help their dreams come to fruition. For projects pertaining to commercial construction, Houston business owners trust our team to bring their visions to fruition.

We consider ourselves lucky to have worked with a variety of business sectors and clients as commercial construction contractors in such an incredible city.

What Does Commercial Construction Cover?

Commercial construction projects refer to design-build process for business structures. These structures range in style, purpose, and function, depending on the needs of businesses.
Oftentimes, building managers and business owners hire commercial contractors to build out or remodel a business. As a general contractor, Building Tejas manages and executes the commercial construction process to ensure it meets the right timeline. While some general contractors operate mainly in one sector, we offer services to meet both residential and commercial construction project needs.

Beautifully Designed Buildings in Houston, TX

First impressions are important in the business world. When you call a business for the first time, you want a friendly, helpful voice on the other end of the line. The same can be said of your building. You want your building design to be attractive and inviting, make a statement, and reflect well on the types of products or services you offer. Moreover, you want it to stand a head above your competitors. If you have a commercial construction Houston project and are looking for commercial contractors that can deliver, call Building Tejas. Our design team will meet with you to help craft the perfect design that fits your dreams — and your budget.

If you’re concerned that your project may be too small or too big, don’t be. As a general contractor, we’ve overseen many small- to medium- to large-scale projects, and we have the skilled construction team to see even the most demanding projects through to conclusion. Whether your project involves building new office space, retail, medical facilities, warehouses, or industrial buildings, you’ll find we have design/build expertise in each of these sectors. When you choose Building Tejas, you’ll be signing on with a firm that answers your questions, that doesn’t cut corners, and that never fails to provide you with good advice throughout our working relationship.
commercial remodeling


  • Foundation Slabs
  • Parking Lots
  • Warehousing
  • Street Repair
commercial framing


  • Multi-family Units
  • Metal Stud and Industrial
  • Box Stores and Commercial Fronts
commercial construction houston


  • Interior and Exterior
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Waterproofing and Sealing

Different Scales of Commercial Construction

A general contractor can build out a broad spectrum of commercial construction projects. However, this includes various levels of construction. As you explore quotes for your project, consider the size and scope. 

This will have an impact on costs as well as how the project is handled. Typically projects are held at three different levels, according to scale. 

From office redesigns to structure updates, small-scale commercial projects tend toward less impactful designs. Typically, these projects are less costly because they require less personnel and less management. If your business wants to rebrand or add a room addition, it would likely fall into this category of commercial construction. Think of it as the general contractor giving your business a facelift. 

Over time, a building starts to lose some of the luster and flair it once had. When they start to get old, this means the materials get old. Extensive renovations are a great example of a medium-scale commercial construction project. These projects are for building managers and business owners considering more time-consuming projects, such as the following. 

  • Remodeling 
  • Expansion or additional structures 
  • Building restructures

When it comes to projects that start from the ground-up, you see a large-scale commercial construction project. These custom design-build projects usually involve an architect or developer who creates a new structure. 

In turn, this new structure is built around the vision of the business owner. Large-scale projects require much more time, preparation, and development. All this goes towards ensuring a successful build. 

Common Houston Commercial Construction Projects

When it comes to commercial construction, Houston is a vast sector that covers an array of projects, there are a few common projects that crop up. 

  • Commercial rebrands 
  • Renovations 
  • Restaurant updates 
  • Retail and grocery stores 
  • Accommodation and hospitality 
  • Functional office spaces

Commercial Construction of Residential Properties

There are many companies that do commercial construction in Houston, TX. However, Building Tejas is different in that we take on residential projects as well. We believe that no job is too large — or too small. And no matter the size or parameter of the project, you can count on the same quality, dependability, and respectful service from our team.

When you need to construct residential properties in Houston, our team is the all-in-one solution you need. Offering services for residential and commercial construction, Houston businesses often find that Building Tejas provides the design-build services they need.

If there’s one thing that is constant in today’s world, it is change. And the need or desire to adapt to it. From Houston townhome construction to complete apartment building makeovers, our expert design-build team has the skills and experience to guide you through the construction process and help make your vision a reality. 

Houston Commercial Construction Focused on the Details

There are any number of commercial contractors who are willing to take on a job, but not all give full attention to their customers’ wants and needs. At Building Tejas, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. 

It’s one of the reasons why we offer potential customers a free consultation and personalized proposals. We’ll take the time to listen to your ideas and offer some expert advice of our own. And we’ll make sure everyone is on the same page before moving forward.

As a homeowner or business owner looking for help with a commercial construction Houston project, you will likely have a lot of questions. What color and type of paint would look best in a particular room? What size and style of tiles will give the new bathroom a modern feel? How would an open concept kitchen create a better flow of traffic — and conversation — when people come to visit in my home? 

Whether you are looking for a simple remodel, an expansion of your existing space, or brand new commercial construction in Houston, we’ll put your vision for your project front and center every step of the way. 

Reliable and Professional Construction Management

What good is installing siding if the structure it is attached to is unsteady or the materials of poor quality? What benefit can be had by installing energy-efficient windows if the space they are to go in is not properly framed? Just as strong bodies start with good bones, so too do the commercial construction Houston projects we design and build for our customers. 

From pouring the concrete foundation to providing strong structural steel or wood framing of the highest quality, we ensure that your project has the right bone structure before we go one step further. 

Managing commercial construction in Houston often involves coordinating with multiple aspects of a project at any given time. Beyond doing quality work, it means having the necessary labor and materials in place when the next phase of construction is ready to begin. Good commercial contractors need to be reliable and committed to a seamless project from beginning to end and every step along the way. When you choose Building Tejas, that’s what you get.

Commercial Construction to Last a Lifetime

We take pride in our work, and it shows in the quality of design and in the sturdiness of our construction. And it shows also in the small projects we do for our customers. Whether you plan to start a major construction project, are looking at adding an addition to your home or business or are simply in need of a company that can do varied small projects like concrete foundation repairs or indoor/outdoor painting, we have the right combination of expertise and workforce to fill the bill. 

The way we see it, if you call on us for a small job and we exceed your expectations, you’ll be sold on us next time if the project is larger. 

When you contact Building Tejas for your commercial construction Houston project, you’re signing on with a team that puts your project on the front burner. That’s not a sales pitch. It’s simple good business. 

And it’s what makes our company stand above the rest when compared to other commercial contractors in the Houston area. When you’re looking for commercial construction in Houston, be sure to give Building Tejas a call. 

Houston Commercial Construction

Before you take on a commercial construction project, it’s important to take the time and the necessary steps that ensure a successful project. Are you in the market to start a new commercial build in Houston, TX? Call on Building Tejas to handle your construction and remodeling needs. 

As professional commercial contractors, we utilize the best materials and work with an experienced crew. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation on your commercial renovation or construction project. Let us help you bring your dream to life!

Commercial Construction Houston: FAQ

Whether you’re planning a simple renovation in your office or full-scale commercial construction, Houston businesses have questions about our process. At Building Tejas, we know that any remodeling or renovation project starts with proper planning. Whether our clients have experience with the process or not, Houston commercial construction and remodeling should always begin by asking the right questions. 

As commercial contractors who believe in transparency, we want our clients to understand our process. Below, we cover some common questions that we receive from clients and questions that we believe are important for the initial planning process.

How do I plan for a commercial construction project?

In Houston commercial construction, planning typically involves three major steps. 

  • Developing a plan for the building. Once you have your site selected, your first step is hiring engineers and architects to design the building plan. 
  • Cost analysis. When your building plan is ready, the next step is to map out the total cost. Your estimate should include materials, construction, labor, and any miscellaneous costs in case anything strays from the plan. 
  • Find the right commercial contractors. Finally, you hand over the project to our commercial contractors and establish a solid timeline and contract. Through our contract, we establish the terms and specifications of the project as well as the timeline and any necessary guides. 

Should I secure building permits and insurance for my Houston commercial construction project?

Yes, before any construction begins, it is essential to ensure all the necessary permits are in place. When commercial contractors start work without permits and licenses, it ultimately results in delays, demolitions, or fines. Additionally, insurance for any required parties helps to save you and the contractor should a construction accident occur. 

Should I conduct an inspection of the job site?

Typically, this is where the construction process begins. During the preparation of the site based on the building plan, any excavations, leveling, or filling should be done. It’s also vital to establish the proper structures and places for power, utilities, water, temporary storage facilities, roll-off dumpsters, and sanitation lines. 

Following this, government officials will conduct an inspection at various stages of the project. Upon completion of the project, one final inspection takes place. 

How long does Houston commercial renovation take?

When it comes to commercial renovation in Houston, this is the most common question any contractor hears. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, and schedules can’t be set in stone. While we always strive to adhere to timelines, unexpected events do occur. 

When you work with Building Tejas, though, we always have a project manager on-site to address issues as they arise. Once we develop a timeline, this helps us ensure that we maintain our agreement. 

As a reputable commercial contractor in Houston, we sit down with our clients to develop a transparent plan to the best of our abilities. This includes estimated arrivals for any special materials. Additionally, we budget time at each stage of the project to ensure that we have the time needed to complete high-quality work. 

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