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 Large Remodel Projects: How to Prioritize

Large Remodel Projects: How to Prioritize

Large remodel projects seem like a massive hurdle. However, they don’t have to be. Oftentimes, people feel they need to tackle an entire home remodeling project all at once. 

While that makes sense for some homeowners, it’s not the right move for everyone. Whether you don’t have the budget for a full project or can’t deal with the massive upheaval of your life, you have options. 

Large home remodeling projects are far more manageable when you break them down. We call this phasing. That’s when we work with you to create a master plan. Then, we break it down into a series of smaller projects. 

Large Remodel Projects Require Professional Management

If you prefer to be your own general contractor, it’s important to understand how much time this takes. Generally speaking, we recommend working with a team, especially for large remodel projects. As contractors, we offer a free consultation upfront to discuss your remodeling needs. 

From there, we help you understand the full cost and make recommendations on how to map out a timeline. Throughout the project, we work according to your vision. Whether we start with bathroom remodeling, changes to your kitchen, or a garage remodel, everything is to your specification. 

Create a Master Plan

For large home remodeling projects, we start with a master plan. As we develop this, we consider what needs to be addressed and work with you to determine the order. Oftentimes, our goal is to complete projects according to your convenience. 

For instance, if you want to remodel every bathroom in your home, we stagger those projects. This ensures you always have one functional bathroom at any given time. Additionally, we would never start with a kitchen remodel when the roof needs repairs first. 

While a roofing project seems less fun, it’s a higher priority because it protects the whole home. With decades of experience in home renovations, we know how to map out a master plan that works with your vision. 

Projects That Pay for Themselves

In certain cases, parts of large remodel projects offer a quick return on investment. Typically, it’s a great idea to make these higher priorities. For instance, do you want to replace old windows and remodel a bathroom? 

New, energy-efficient windows are a great way to improve the ROI of your property. This is because they have an immediate impact in terms of your energy bills. As such, you save money to set aside for later projects. 

Think Ahead

When you have big plans for an area of your home, it’s good to consider how what you work on first impacts what comes next. For example, perhaps you have a grand vision for an outdoor kitchen and patio area. However, it’s not in the cards for a couple of years. 

When you plan ahead, it might mean moving septic lines and building out the patio first. Alternatively, you might need to demo whatever currently sits in your yard. 

With large remodel projects, this all comes into play with the master plan. Moreover, it’s all something our team helps you map out. 

Low-Hanging Fruit

Sometimes, there are smaller, inexpensive improvements that make a huge difference. Some examples of these are painting, new fixtures, wallpaper, and minor changes to your landscaping. 

Often, these options cost less and make a sizable impact. As you focus on the bigger picture, these small changes make it feel as though you’re making progress more quickly. 

Large Remodel Projects in Houston, TX

Whether you want a room addition or a complete home renovation, the sooner you start planning, the better. When you develop a solid plan for large remodel projects, you help to ensure a smooth process. 

Moreover, it helps you organize your ideas and priorities. From there, we make suggestions as to accomplish your vision on a tighter budget and timeline. 

No matter what, though, we always focus on making your dream home a reality.