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Houston Garage Remodel & Conversion Experts

Houston homeowners might find a garage remodel necessary when their garage becomes a mess of clutter. There is no better way to take back your space than with a remodel. Switching out the parking zone for a room you need right now can give you space to think, work, or relax when everyone piled up in the house gets to be too much. We can help you create your dream space or a necessary work zone.

Houston homeowners might find a garage remodel necessary when their garage becomes a mess of clutter. There is no better way to take back your space than with a remodel. Switching out the parking zone for a room you need right now can give you space to think, work, or relax when everyone piled up in the house gets to be too much. We can help you create your dream space or a necessary work zone.

At Building Tejas, our Houston garage conversion experts take their work incredibly seriously. With our reliable renovation and conversion contractors, Houston homeowners have access to a skilled team that can convert their garage into a new space. Whether you need a new, functional garage or want to convert your garage into an apartment, we adhere to your timeline and budget.

Why Work With Building Tejas?

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Our professionals work under the budget for garage remodeling Houston homeowners establish.
We convert your garage space to your precise specifications, focusing on constructing a safe, functional area.
Our garage remodel contractors work to maintain your vision for the design and functionality of the space without compromising either.
No needless additions or changes without your direction or consulting with you. We bring matters to your attention when we have recommendations.
Our Houston garage remodeling experts have the skills and knowledge required to execute our services efficiently and effectively.

Should I Convert My Garage?

Whether you want a new master suite, home theater, or family room, a garage conversion helps Houston homeowners meet their space requirements without the full cost of a room addition. With a well-crafted conversion, you have a fast, affordable way to add space to your house.

When it comes to garage remodeling, Houston homeowners often opt for conversions. When you convert your garage into a new space, it allows you to maximize the way you use the space in your home. Moreover, we craft the new room addition to your specifications to ensure we make your vision a reality.

If you do not want to do an entire garage redo, then going with new windows or insulation can improve your energy efficiency and make the garage quieter. We have five excellent ideas for garage remodeling for Houston, Jacinto City, Galena Park, Cloverleaf, Bellaire, and other nearby communities. Your dream garage is just a phone call away.

Our team has a broad range of experience with Houston garage conversion projects. We also have the skills needed to ensure the new space matches the rest of your home. With a garage remodel, Houston homeowners have a chance to improve the functionality of their space while still having room for their car.

One example of a great use of space in garages is building out a small home gym or office using half of the space. This allows continued use of the garage while cordoning off an area that meets your unique needs.

What Does a Houston Garage Remodel Require?

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Structurally speaking, a garage conversion only requires a few modifications. For instance, it may require closing off the opening with the garage door as well as potentially opening up the wall to the house. However, these changes significantly reduce the need for new construction, which makes the process more cost-effective and budget-friendly.

With a garage remodel, Houston residents have an array of possibilities to transform attached or freestanding garages. For attached garages, their proximity to the kitchen in most home designs opens up potential for a conversion into a room that combines the function of entertaining and dining. On the other hand, free-standing garages make great structures for home offices, home gyms, or guest houses.

With our in-house team of garage conversion experts, we guide you through the process. At Building Tejas, we have the resources and experience needed to deliver personalized attention and affordable pricing to our clients. Trust us to make your vision a reality.

Garage Extensions: Houston Garage Remodel

When you own an older house in Houston, garage remodel projects like a conversion might not be possible. Some homes in the Houston area were built without a garage. Whether you need a standalone garage or a garage extension, Building Tejas has the experience and skill required. Our team knows how to integrate a functional garage space or room addition into an existing house.

If you have a single-story garage, these are an excellent way to add space to your home. For instance, our team can construct an apartment above the structure. This flexible space might allow you to run a rental, establish a home office, or simply provide more room for your family.

When single-story garages are connected to a two-story home, we integrate the new space seamlessly into the original structure. This ensures our garage remodel adds no new stress to the structure. Additionally, our team will inspect existing foundations and make recommendations as to whether it needs strengthening to support the new structure.

Standalone or Extension?

When you have enough space, a standalone garage is a simple construction that won’t impact your home or daily life. However, not all properties have the space necessary. Moreover, other homeowners prefer attached garages.

The Houston garage remodeling team at Building Tejas works to ensure designs cause little to no stress on the structure of your home. We strive to integrate it seamlessly into the original design.

Garage Conversions: What to Consider

A garage conversion is useful when you need extra space in your home. Whether you have a growing family or simply want more space for guests, it provides you with a functional area akin to a room addition. While some homeowners believe this process is straightforward, converting a garage into a livable space requires specific skills and knowledge. By the end of the planning process, it can be quite complex.

First, it’s essential to ensure the opening for the garage door is built so that it integrates into the existing structure. This makes it seem as though the new wall or windows were always there. Next, the interior must match the rest of the home. From drywall and insulation to decorative elements, your Houston garage remodel must meet the same standard as the rest of the home.

Additionally, any exposed utility features, such as electrical boxes or water heaters, must be safely covered or relocated.

Air conditioning ducts may also require extension into the space. Alternatively, you might install a new unit to cool the area. Lastly, it’s important to consider whether the space needs a bathroom. This would require plumbing and drainage installation.

Schedule Your Free Houston Garage Remodel Consultation

At Building Tejas, we offer free on-site consultations to ensure you understand who we are and how we work. This is an opportunity to share your vision with our team. Moreover, it’s a chance for us to provide you with some guidance, advice, and options. With years of experience in home remodeling and garage conversion throughout the Greater Houston Area, we strive to provide you with the best possible solutions.

Garage Remodel Houston: Endless Possibilities

It all begins with an idea. One recent garage remodel saw us repurpose a car port into a complete woodworking shop. At Building Tejas, we strive to bring your vision to fruition. Call us today at 346-389-9764 for a free consultation!

People looking for Houston garage updating often inquire about adding an extra bedroom for college students or guests. Some go as far as adding an entire guest apartment for anyone, including grandchildren or siblings. If you want to keep the parking space, then a loft might be the answer you need.

With everyone being at home right now, it is hard to find a quiet space when you are working. Our team of home remodelers Houston can help you design an office area in the garage. Whether you want to revamp the entire garage or just a corner, our team is proud to help you come up with a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Do your kids need room for a desk for schoolwork? Many Houston homeowners are trying to cram tablespace into every corner of the kitchen or dining room. When you go to cook a big meal or have guests, then you have to move everything around to make room. Our solutions for garage remodeling fit small and large updates. Need more lighting? We have tons of tips.

Another fun home improvement idea for garages is creating a meditation area. When you need a quiet spot to run away from everything, then your garage is close and keeps you comfortable in cooler weather. Let us help you choose the right flooring and insulation.

When you need a dedicated spot to work out, your garage might be just the right size. You can remodel your Houston garage to fit exercise equipment, add Internet access, or fit the entire family for bonding through working out with new garage remodeling Houston.

Trust Building Tejas for Your Garage Remodel

As home remodeling Houston homeowners can depend on, Building Tejas can help you make the most of your garage renovations. Get rid of the clutter and find a new purpose for your additional room. Our specialized team is proud to offer a dependable and convenient service. Call us for your free consultation at 346-389-9764.