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 Renovation vs Remodel: What’s the Difference?

Renovation vs Remodel: What’s the Difference?

When we talk renovation vs remodel, many people use the two terms interchangeably. However, as you plan a major home improvement, it’s good to get the terminology down. This helps you avoid confusion as you talk with your contractor. 

While renovations and remodels both improve a living space, they are two very different types of projects. Each has its own set of considerations and benefits. Below, we look at some of the key differences that help you keep renovation vs remodel straight. 

Moreover, understanding this helps you nail down the project that’s right for you and your home. 

Renovation: Update the Look & Feel, Don’t Change the Purpose

With a kitchen renovation, the kitchen remains a kitchen. Likewise, a bedroom stays a bedroom. However, we perform repairs and updates to the rooms. This varies depending on your goals. 

Typically, this includes flooring, painting, and installing new features, such as a cabinet or faucets. Additionally, a renovation includes reinforcing the structure. For instance, if you discover rotted wood, it’s good to remove the area and rebuild it with new lumber. 

Remodel: Design & Structure Might Change

Through home remodeling, we change the functionality and design of a room. In some cases, this involves removing a wall to expand the bathroom. Alternatively, we might reconfigure the layout of the kitchen to shift your fridge, cabinets, sinks, and stove. 

With a room addition, you also have a remodeling project. However, a remodel doesn’t always involve a major structural change. For some homeowners, it’s as simple as turning a guest bedroom into your new home office or your garage into a home gym. 

When it comes to renovation vs remodel, a change in purpose means it’s a remodel. 

Remodel: Often Costs More

Due to the extensive changes in physical structure, remodeling often requires reconfiguring plumbing, ducts, or wiring. This makes projects more complex and expensive. 

Oftentimes, remodeling involves more professional labor. Additionally, the cost of materials is higher, too, since they tend to involve a new addition. 

While the final costs depend on the size, scope, and quality of the project,  renovations tend to be less complex. That makes them easier on your budget. 

Renovation Occasionally Requires a Permit, Remodeling Almost Always Does

Building permits ensure that contractors follow proper building codes. While communities tend to set their own rules, there’s usually a local building authority that requires permits. Often, they require these for structural changes, such as a room addition or tearing out walls. 

However, renovations tend to be far more simple, such as painting or installing hardwood floors. These do not require permits. On the other hand, a roof replacement is a type of renovation that often requires a permit. 

Roof replacements tend to be a special category. This is because issues in new roofs have the potential to leak and damage the structure of the home. That’s why many communities require permits for them. 

Renovation: Easier ROI Due to Cost-Effectiveness 

Additionally, because renovations tend to cost less and involve repairs and updates, they tend to offer a better return on investment (ROI). When you decide to sell your house, it’s important to weigh the costs and understand what changes are cost-effective. 

Remodel: Better Solution for Poor Home Design

When you have to walk through one bedroom to reach another, it’s not a great home design. Additionally, if someone installed water supply lines in exterior walls, they might freeze every winter. When it comes to renovation vs remodel, a renovation won’t fix these issues. 

Typically, poorly designed homes require a remodeling project. Often, we see this in older homes because building codes were less strict in the past. 

Renovation: Only Option for Historic Homes

When it comes to historic homes, renovations are your only option. If your heart is set on that stunning Victorian home on the National Register of Historic Places, you don’t have the option to remodel. 

Moreover, homeowners in these buildings are often encouraged to restore the home to its original look as closely as possible. This includes replacing siding with the same type of wood or repairing original plaster walls. While there is some leeway, such as updated storm windows, your hands are tied. 

Renovation vs Remodel: What’s Your Next Project?

In the fight of renovation vs remodel, it really boils down to how extensive your project is. Either way, though, it is crucial to work with a remodeling contractor who offers quality work. When you find the right team for you, they get the job done right the first time. 

Whether you want to make a small change or completely remodel your home, trust in the experience and expertise of Building Tejas. 

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