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Houston Room Additions: Endless Possibilities

When it comes to room additions, Houston homeowners trust Build Tejas for reliable, professional service. We love our neighbors and want to help them make their dream home a reality. Sometimes, that requires a room expansion or an adjustment to the structure of the home. Here are just a few examples of room additions homeowners use to improve their use of space.

Family Room Addition Houston

When your home needs more common living space, our home improvement team creates the perfect family room addition. Houston homeowners love sprawling structures, but not everyone has the space to expand outdoors. At Building Tejas, we help homeowners improve their use of space when their needs change. Oftentimes, traditional family rooms do not require plumbing, tile, or extensive electrical work. This makes them a budget-friendly investment in comparison to other additions. Schedule a free, on-site consultation and share your vision with our Houston home remodeling team!

Second Story Room Additions

Do you dream of a built-out attic space? Is there a balcony in your vision? Do you simply need more space upstairs? When you work with Building Tejas, our experienced home remodel team helps you make your vision a reality. Whether you need another room for your growing family or extra storage space, we have the skills necessary to build out your second-story Houston room addition. We work with your budget and timeline in mind. Moreover, we always have a project manager on-site to ensure the princess runs smoothly.

Game Rooms

When it comes to room additions, Houston homeowners love a solid game room. A game room provides your family with more living space and adds value to your property. With a broad spectrum of styles and designs available, Houstonians have a lot of options.

If you want a custom game room for your home, you need a Houston home remodeling team you can rely on. Let us help you make your home a popular hangout for your family and friends.

Offices and Studies: Room Additions Houston Workers Need

When your shift to remote work is a bit more permanent, Houston room additions provide a space solution in the form of offices and studies. Whether you need a space to meet basic needs or a fully professional office, we have the expertise to make it a reality. From lighting and shelves to custom built-ins, let us craft a personal home office that gives you a quiet space to work. Enjoy hours of productivity or leisurely reading – whichever suits your specific needs. For room additions, Houston workers trust Building Tejas to craft unique home offices that help them stay focused. When we get the job done, so do you.

Play Room Additions Houston Loves

When your growing family runs low on space, the living room starts to feel like a daycare. That’s when you know it’s time to call on Building Tejas. We work with you to craft the perfect playroom for your kids to enjoy. From functional to fantastic, we make your family’s dreams a reality.

Oftentimes, playroom additions in Houston balance playful imagination with functionality to stay organized. With unique storage compartments and safety features, the parents gain peace of mind while the kids have a space for themselves. Let our Houston home remodeling team bring your vision to life! Schedule a consultation today.

Gym Additions

While the garage is a great place for many home gyms, some homeowners prefer something a little closer to their amenities. When it comes to Houston home additions, gyms offer a great lifestyle change for the whole family. With a safe, comfortable space to exercise, you can escape the gym drama and work out together. Strengthen those familial muscles as you gain more confidence and improve your health. Our room addition experts are here to help with any project. From room additions to full gym conversions and outdoor sports spaces, we have your back.

Why Invest in a Room Addition in Houston?

A room addition based on your needs and preferences can literally be just about anything you want it to be. Many homeowners in Houston make the decision to contact a trusted company like Building Tejas because of a desire for extra space. If you otherwise love the home you live in, a room addition is a perfect way to boost your home’s square footage. A room addition done right also has the potential to:
Home additions are a great way to make space for a growing family. When your existing home has all the comforts you need, you might still benefit from a little more space. Room addition projects are a fantastic way to make your living space a luxurious home.

Media Room Additions Houston

Media rooms are a popular choice among Houston homeowners because they provide a great space for families and friends to enjoy a cinematic experience. With custom lighting, sound, and seating, bring the luxury theater experience to the comfort of your home. Whether you’re a film junkie or a sports fan, our team has the skill to customize your media room addition to suit your specific tastes. When you’re ready for a unique media experience, our team is here for you!

In-Law Suites and Nanny Suites

In-law suites, also known as nanny suites, offer an excellent return on investment. These room additions include independent living spaces that offer unique rental possibilities. When you want to build an in-law suite, we can build to your specifications and budget. Let our home remodeling team craft lovely living quarters that draw guests to your property. Any room additions Houston homeowners add to their home should be personalized and natural. This is what we believe at Building Tejas. If you share this sentiment, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll work closely with our design and building experts to turn your vision into something beautiful, functional, and affordable.

Getting You Started with an Initial Consultation

This is when you’ll have a chance to discuss your plans for your Houston room addition. What’s appealing about adding a room to your home is the many options and possibilities. For some homeowners, an extra room will serve as an extra or guest bedroom.

However, it’s also possible to create a room that will be a home office, a family entertainment room, or a new dining area extending from an existing kitchen. Because of our wide range of capabilities and resources, your new room can be completely individualized.

Giving You a Seamless and Natural Addition to Your Houston Home

Whether you prefer a full addition or a micro-addition called a bump-out, you’ll be treated to a room addition that looks as if it was always there. We achieve this goal for our clients by taking factors such as existing architectural features into consideration. When all work is completed, your new addition will fit in naturally with the rest of your home.

Why Choose Building Tejas for Your Room Addition Needs

Putting client needs first is what we do best at Building Tejas. Choosing us for your room addition needs in Houston means you’ll benefit from hands-on service. We’ll also take the time to understand your needs and goals. Additionally, you’ll benefit from our focus on quality and lasting value. All work will be done in an orderly, efficient way. Our attention to detail with the room addition process starts with the planning phase and continues until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today

See for yourself why when it comes to room additions Houston homeowners often turn to Building Tejas. We are a home remodeling company that specializes in residential and commercial building and improvement projects. We’ll fine-tune your ideas and guide you through the process of planning and completing your preferred room addition. At Building Tejas we have years of experience in kitchen remodeling, dining rooms, and other renovation projects. Contact our room additions experts today to schedule your free consultation to get started.

The Benefits of Room Additions: Houston Homeowners Share

When it comes to room additions, Houston homeowners have a lot of options. As such, there are plenty of benefits to expanding or reorganizing space. Room additions allow you to transform your house. Oftentimes, homeowners find themselves with a growing family in a house that feels too small. Through home remodeling, they have the opportunity to reimage their house. Moreover, they improve the functionality of their space. Whether you want to build a new attachment on your house or add a new amenity, it’s the perfect way to give your home a new look.

No Need to Move

With room additions, Houstonians don’t need to pack up and move house. This eliminates the need for househunting and stressful moves. All you have to do is sit back and let us transform your home.

Limitless Potential

Houston room additions are the perfect opportunity to reimagine your home. The needs and wants of families change over time. For instance, today you might want an office. In a few years, that office might transform into a workshop or bedroom.

Luxury Remodeling

When you love your home but want an increase in luxury, home remodeling allows you to furnish your home with the lavish items you want. From master suites to in-home theaters, bring your dream to life with Building Tejas!

Changing Needs? No Problem!

Families grow, and their needs change. Whether kids grow up or elders move in with you, how you use your space changes. With room additions, Houston families have the perfect solution to space issues. Even your guests deserve comfort. With an extra bedroom and small bathroom, you accommodate more people.

Room Additions for an Income Boost

With a separate room addition, you have the potential to earn additional income. When you rent out your extra space, it helps cover costs and build a bigger nest egg for the future. While a simple addition to your home doesn’t mean an automatic increase in value, you gain personal value. Regardless of whether value is your goal, it’s essential that the room addition match the current layout of your home. Moreover, it should coincide with the potential interests of future inhabitants.