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 Heated Floors in Houston Bathrooms

Heated Floors in Houston Bathrooms

Heated Floors in Bathroom Remodeling

Heated floors are an incredible way to improve your bathroom and increase the value of your home. As bathroom remodeling experts, Houston homeowners rely on us for our flooring expertise. Trust in the team at Building Tejas to get the job done right, on time – the first time. 

Heated Floors in Your Bathroom

Heated bathroom floors in Houston, TX? While it might seem counterintuitive, many homeowners love the idea. They want to understand the benefits of this increasingly popular concept. 

A nice, warm towel is one thing. However, heated flooring helps to keep your bare feet warm after you walk out of the shower or climb out of the tub. Moreover, keeping your feet warm as you get ready for the day is a luxury people want to explore. 

Heated floors work through heat radiation. With a thermostat, you have control over the temperature of your floor. 

How Do They Work?

There are two ways that homeowners incorporate these radiant floors into their homes: electric heating and hydronic heating. 

Electric Floors

In an electric floor system, electricity flows through cables, creating heat. This radiates up into your floor material to keep it at your desired temperature. When you want to heat a specific room with colder floors, this is a great, affordable method. 

We connect a thermostat to the home’s power supply and install a sensor in the floor. 


In a hydronic heating system, you pump hot water from a boiler and into some flexible tubing we install beneath the flooring. As the water rushes through the system, it keeps the heat radiating up to your floor. 

When you want to explore heated flooring, our bathroom remodeling experts are here to help you understand what works best for your bathroom. Moreover, we can make recommendations about the materials to choose. 

Bathroom Remodeling with Heated Flooring

Not sure where to start? Our team has years of experience and knows how to help guide you through the bathroom remodeling process. With a project manager on-site, we work diligently to maintain a convenient timeline as we install heated floors. 

Bathroom renovations never need to be difficult. They are an amazing way to bring luxury into your life and improve the value of your home. Moreover, heated floors work in an array of spaces. 

When you want to heat up cold floors or someone in your life has sensitive feet, heated flooring helps to regulate temperatures and maintain comfort. Are you ready to start your bathroom remodeling project? 

Call on Building Tejas to schedule a free on-site consultation. Help us understand your vision, and we can help you make it a reality. When you want to bring heated flooring into your home, trust our team to execute it to your specifications. 

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