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 Reasons to Remodel a Bathroom

Reasons to Remodel a Bathroom

There are plenty of reasons to remodel a bathroom. For many homeowners in Houston, it’s the value that bathroom renovation brings to their home. However, that value comes in many forms. From comfort and quality of life to home sales, there are plenty of remodeling ideas out there. 

Reasons To Remodel A Bathroom: Design Improvements

One of the main reasons to remodel a bathroom is to improve a bad design. Oftentimes, homeowners’ needs differ quite a bit. When you move into a home, the bathroom might have a design that doesn’t meet your needs. 

In some cases, bathrooms just had a bad designer. Whether things are too close together or the counter sticks out too far, the layout is essential to your comfort. When you tour a home you want to buy, do you sit on the toilet? Did you get in the bathtub to check it out? 

While these are important tests when you want to buy a house, not everyone thinks to follow through with them. When you remodel your bathroom, you have a chance to improve the design. Moreover, it’s a chance to improve the functionality for your needs. 

Simple Upgrades

When it comes to the reasons to remodel a bathroom, many homeowners want an upgrade. For example, a vanity in the bathroom is a relatively simple upgrade. Luckily, it’s an affordable renovation that makes better use of your space. 

Whenever you have unused space, it’s a good idea to maximize your usage. With efficient use of space, you improve functionality and increase your comfort. 

Updated Flooring

For aesthetic reasons to remodel a bathroom, flooring changes are amazing. A change to your bathroom flooring is a simple way to give the entire area a new look. However, it’s important to choose materials and a style that make it feel more spacious. 

There are plenty of designs that look incredible. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options, too. One major upgrade option is heated flooring in bathrooms. It’s a great way to keep your family’s feet warm on winter mornings. 

While it may sound strange for Houston, there are plenty of reasons to add heated floors to your home. 

Upgraded Features

When you want a new bathtub or shower, it’s a great time for a renovation. Whether you need a bigger space or a child-friendly tub, there are plenty of reasons to remodel a bathroom with a new feature. 

In some homes, people upgrade to a luxury experience with an in-house jacuzzi. When you want to improve your self-care, it’s a great way to renovate. 

Make It Yours

Aside from updating features, it’s good to consider fixtures and the overall design. When you make the space your own, a bathroom becomes an oasis in your home. Stone is a popular option. 

Additionally, glass and ceramic are popular choices when you want to make your bathroom more unique. 

Reasons To Remodel A Bathroom: Space Improvements 

Over time, the needs of your family change. That’s one of the best reasons to remodel a bathroom. When you need a bigger space, it may call for a room addition as well. 

It’s possible to bump out or remove walls, which allows bathroom remodeling teams to add more square footage. Additionally, it’s possible to make a large bathroom smaller with new walls, half-walls, and privacy screens. 

For instance, when you want His and Hers areas in one shared bathroom, it’s possible to add a nice flow to the space.

Bathroom Remodeling Houston Trusts

While there are many reasons to remodel a bathroom, the most important decision is the home remodeling team you work with. At Building Tejas, we have decades of experience in home renovations. 

Based in Houston, TX, bathroom renovations are a specialty of ours. We work with you to help you bring your dream home to life. Whether you want a small change or a complete bathroom renovation, trust our team. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.