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 Prepare for a Bathroom Remodel in 6 Steps

Prepare for a Bathroom Remodel in 6 Steps

It’s important to prepare for a bathroom remodel ahead of time. Too often, homeowners underestimate the impact of residential remodeling. Even when you have more than one bathroom at home, it’s a good idea to prep for the process. 

When you work with a professional remodeling company, they help you understand what to expect for your timeline. Moreover, a little extra organizing and adjusting make the process so much easier. 

Below, we cover 6 steps to prepare for a bathroom remodel. Make it as smooth as possible and start the renovation process today!

Step 1: Hire an Experienced Remodeling Team

Usually, this goes without saying. However, it’s important to reinforce. When you hire a home remodeling contractor, ensure they have the skill and experience to complete the project. 

No one wants residential renovations to drag on and on. Today, material lead times take longer than expected, so it’s essential to plan your project and select materials in advance. 

This is because a production schedule is like a row of dominos. When one falls, it pushes everything down. That throws the entire project off. 

With a professional team, you have someone to help you map out a realistic timeline that takes lead time into consideration. When you have your heart set on specific materials, they help you understand when to start the renovation process. 

Moreover, as you prepare for a bathroom remodel, make sure your contractor does the same. There should be ample material in place to protect your walls, floors, and furniture from dust. Additionally, they map out the job site to ensure no one invades your privacy and understands where and when to work. 

Altogether, this helps you and your contractor stay on the same page!

Step 2: Manage Your Other Bathrooms

When you prepare for a bathroom remodel, it’s important to understand how the use of your other bathroom(s) changes. The number of people using a single bathroom might double or triple throughout the renovation. 

Take some time to plan how everyone in your house can share the space. One easy thing to do is to reduce the number of products in the bathroom. For instance, perhaps it’s possible for some people to share shampoo and body wash. This reduces the number of bottles you have to store in an already tight space. 

Then, go through the contents of the bathroom you want to remodel. Move as much as possible out of the space. Whether items go into a storage area or the other bathroom, stay organized. 

These three categories offer an easy system to follow. 

  1. Everyday items
  2. Seldom-used items 
  3. Unopened or unused items

As you prepare for a bathroom remodel, this is a great step to take before the process starts. Moreover, it’s a great time to get rid of some things you never use in order to clean up your home. 

Step 3: Schedule Some Routines

It’s not easy to take every bathroom need into account. However, it’s a good idea to make a schedule to avoid some tension.

Occasionally, this requires some people to wake up earlier so that everyone has time to get ready. Still, this extra step is a great way to prepare for a bathroom remodel. Moreover, it helps to avoid a lot of arguments. 

Step 4: Spread Out to Other Areas

Not every bathroom activity can move to a different space, but some can. When you move some activity to other spaces, it clears up and prevents traffic jams. 

For instance, turn a desk into a dressing table for hair and makeup. Alternatively, you might want to use another area with a sink for your oral care routines. 

Step 5: Is It Time for a Vacation?

When you have to prepare for a bathroom remodel, this is a more extreme solution. However, some clients prefer to skip the hassle of living in a job site. In some cases, people opt for a staycation for the duration. 

On the other hand, some clients skip town entirely. When you want to leave the house, it’s a good idea to reference step 1 again. Working with a professional, reliable, trustworthy team is essential.  

Step 6: Focus on the Finish Line

At Building Tejas, we understand that residential remodeling is a big task. When you renovate your bathrooms as you live in the house, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 

Construction areas are frustrating for homeowners. That’s why it’s important to remember that they are temporary. When you focus on the results, you look forward to years of enjoyment. 

Prepare for a Bathroom Remodel with Building Tejas

As you prepare for a bathroom remodel, it’s good to have a strategy in place. Need help with your plan? Our team has years of experience with residential remodeling. 

When it’s time to start planning your bathroom renovation, call on our team. We are ready to help you bring your vision to life. Hopefully, these tips help you plan out your renovation. 

For a free consultation on your next project, give us a call today.